Choosing Between SaaS & Custom Software

High-Growth Startups

A guide to navigating your company’s future technology.

To buy it, or to build it?

Software as a Service is maturing and filling many niches — there is a SaaS company for everything. At the same time, custom development is becoming cheaper and more accessible. It’s an arms race and it’s good for everybody.



There are a multitude of highly specific SaaS providers for every niche problem, as well as powerful, customizable SaaS platforms. We’ll help you objectively evaluate this landscape.

Custom Development

Owning your own technology platforms and roadmaps can be the difference between being a market leader or a distant follower. We can help you to build this technology, and the underlying capabilities.

Upgrading Current Systems

The technology you already have may already have the power you are looking for, but optimizing your processes and improving how you operate, will be the key to getting ahead.

TheoremOne will help you find the best combination for buying, building and upgrading your current technology
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