Full Stack Innovation

We build end-to-end custom software solutions for the enterprise.

TheoremOne’s holistic approach to designing, building, and delivering market-leading software

Through a user-experience driven product design approach, coupled with a cross-functional team of engineers, designers, researchers, and product managers, TheoremOne’s Full Stack Innovation Squads design, build, and launch technology-driven products, services and systems.
Full Stack Innovation ProcessFull Stack Innovation ProcessFull Stack Innovation Process
Full Stack Innovation Helps Your Business:
Reduce risk
Reduce risk

When you identify and actively mitigate risk, you can move faster.

Build with confidence
Build with confidence

Knowing how to identify and avoid risks will increase your velocity.

Go-to-market faster
Go-to-market faster

A great idea has no value until it is put into practice.

Delight Customers
Delight customers

Customers who enjoy using your product will come back for more.

Launch new products
Launch new products

A successful product launch provides value beyond the product itself.

Lead your industry
Lead your industry

Staying on top is about building a system of continuous improvement.

How Full Stack Innovation Works

Our holistic method for designing, building, and launching market-leading custom software solutions.
Step one
‍Unpack the Challenge
Before we even start, we set goals, and we align your stakeholders.
We help you zero in on the most impactful ideas, allowing you to solidify the vision for your product.
Assemble the Squad
Align on collaboration, governance, mission, introductions, and trust-building.
A squad is a flexible, resourced team working towards technology and business objectives.
Step Two
Develop a
Product Hypothesis
Through ongoing discovery, design, and prototyping, we leave no stone unturned.
We map the features on your roadmap to user needs through research.
Step Three
Iterative Design
& Build
Discover continuously throughout the project.
For a product to be successful, it needs you to continually validate and evolve it through high-fidelity experiments that get tested before code.
Step Four
Wide Scale Launch
Marketing, training, and iterative
product enhancement for a successful launch.
Throughout the process, we gather feedback by putting your product in the hands of real users. Test-driving your vision is critical before further investment.
Step Five
Enablement and Transition
We ensure that you get the maximum value from your innovation investment.
The success of your new, market-leading product entirely belongs to you. We ensure a smooth handoff to your internal team — in addition to providing ongoing support services.
Step six

Success stories

Building a Database-as-a-Service Application Layer for Couchbase.

Developed in-house competencies to create sustained differentiation
Hired a geographically distributed team to balance expertise and costs
DevOps team of badged resources to develop, maintain, and operate DBaaS

Designing and building the next-generation American Express customer care portal.

Months from kickoff to launch
Used daily by Professionals
Increased Value Generation

Transforming music data and building Nielsen a modern data analytics application.

Of data migrated to the cloud
Discrete systems integrated
Data update time decreased

Increasing Caterpillar’s supply chain visibility through a real-time asset tracking platform.

Days to build IoT asset tracking platform
Improvement in delivery time from factory to dealer
Outbound slack removed from global supply chain

Transforming Yellow Pages into an Agile institution through co-development with Theorem.

Improvement in development velocity
People trained and coached
Months to deliver new yp.com user experience

Designing Maersk a real-time tracking application to reveal crucial operational insights.

Containers successfully tracked in the first week
Cycle for new information to appear in the Asset Tracking app
Container tracking accuracy within 3 meters of location

Why businesses choose TheoremOne.

We’re relentlessly focused on results – your results. Our small team approach optimizes for lean budgets, sustainable velocity, transparency, and expertise. We build durable relationships by helping our customers exceed their goals.

Your Team.
Distributed by design.

TheoremOne was born distributed. Since 2007 our 24/7 global team has partnered with clients to solve hard problems and meet the most audacious goals.

Our remote-first orientation gives us access to the best talent from a broad range of backgrounds and cultures. It also reduces risk for you, especially in uncertain times like these.
Your Team. Distributed by design.
Download our guide on how to convert roadblocks into stepping stones that drive cultural change.

TheoremOne went above and beyond to meet our needs in developing a digital platform. They really tailored the project above our expectations. The entire team was great to work with and communication was excellent.

Nicole Trudeau
Nicole Trudeau
International Coordination Officer, UNDP

Solving your most complex business problems.

High risk product development
High risk product development
Slow product design
Slow product design
Conflicting needs
Conflicting needs
Analysis Paralysis
Analysis paralysis
Reactive development
Reactive development
Difficulty scaling up
Difficulty scaling up

Full Stack Innovation: Squad Model

It all starts with the right team, our Full Stack projects begin with a squad. A squad is a flexible resourced team made up of a core with a Product Manager, Designer, and two Engineers, and can scale up with additional resources from there.

This combination of a Core Squad and Scalable Resources gives you the most effective team, the most control over outcomes, and complete control of your investment.
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$194k / mon
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$194k / mon


Core Squad

Engagement Manager
Product Manager
UX/UI Designer
Scaleable Business Resources
Business Resources
  • Change Manager
  • Staff Trainer
  • Product Stategist
  • Business Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Marketing Strategist
Scaleable Design Resources
Design Resources
  • Project Manager
  • Product Strategist
  • UX Researcher
  • Visual Designer
  • Design Manager
  • Brand Manager
Scaleable Engineering Resources
Engineering Resources
  • Engineering Strategist
  • Engineering Manager
  • Solutions Architect
  • Front-End Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • QA Engineer

Ready to Innovate?

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