ROOT Customized UX Research Training

Download the guide on the principles behind our elite UX Research training

ROOT Training

The custom UX Research Training Program that enables your team to tackle big product decisions through a deep understanding of your users. We design the program around the needs of your team.
  1. Understand your users' fundamental needs and behaviors
  2. Interpret and share UX Research data effectively
  3. Design great software based research
  4. Improve your products over time
A person adding sticky notes to a whiteboard during an exercise in the ROOT US Research Training Program by TheoremOne

Brilliant people.
Effective methods.
Custom tech.

We're an innovation partner for those that value experience. We deploy expert practitioners in tailored squads to help you realize big ideas, rescue failing projects, or modernize old ways of working with next-gen technology.

ROOT UX Research in Action

ROOT UX Research in Action

We prepared a team of 10 product professionals with no previous UX Research experience to conduct user studies - without having to hire a new team.

A cross-functional
product team equipped with UX Research training
Alignment among all senior executives across the organization
Anticipated savings of hiring internally or hiring an external team for every study
Download the guide on the principles behind our elite UX Research training

Elevate your UX Research Capability

TheoremOne’s experiential UX Research training program uses Interactive Workshops and 1:1 Research Coaching Programs in a Custom Curriculum to provide the skills to integrate UX Research into every part of the product design process to understand your users and create lasting, customer-centric product ownership.
Experimental Training
Option 1

Single or Multi-Day Workshops

Customized workshops — remote or in-person — focused on a specific facet of UX Research to help your team gain exposure to the fundamentals or fill the gaps.

Focused Deep Dive Topics

  1. Build a shared vocabulary of common UX Research terms and methods

  2. Learn when and how to use UX Research to make more effective product decisions

  3. Develop a ResearchOps checklist of materials and processes your team needs to succeed

Two Theorists writing on sticky notes on a whiteboard collaborating together to work on UX research training
Classroom Training
Option 2

Team Training

Over the course of 4-12 weeks, develop a UX Research practice within your product team — from the ground up, covering the key facets of UX Research.

Hands on Training to Build Skills

  1. Plan UX Research according to your team's backlog

  2. Step through the process of a real research study with hands-on coaching from experienced researchers

  3. Learn how to recruit users and set up an expert panel that can be used for the future research

  4. Leverage UX Research Advocacy and Operations to gain leadership buy-in

3 people sitting together discussing custom software development

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This is just a brief intro to TheoremOne’s ROOT UX training program. We’d love to hear about your goals and how we can help you meet them. Contact us for a free consultation.
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