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What is Neural Voice? 

Neural voice is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated voice that sounds like a real human voice. Compared to the previous generation of robotic voices (also known as synthetic voices), Neural voices have the natural flow and appropriate intonation while uttering the speech from a given text. It can mimic the tone, pace, delivery, pitch and inflection of the human voice.

For the last few years, neural voice has become more popular through Google Home, Alexa, Siri etc. In neural voice, Machine Learning (ML) models will learn different nuances of a person's voice and encode audio characteristics to generate life-like audio from any given text.
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A person sitting with a laptop and a mic using a program to record their voice. They will use this to help create a neural voice ai

Applications of Neural Voice

Neural voice is the next level of convenience in human machine interaction and a need for the people who cannot read due to multi-tasking (like commute, work-out etc) or reading challenges in a specific language. When the volume of digital content is too large or the content realtor doesn't have good voice over capability, manually generating audio for their customer would be infeasible.

Naturally sounding neural voices help to generate audio at large scale without human effort and within a very short span of time.

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