Legacy System Modernization

High-Growth Startups

Transform your current business systems and infrastructure to deliver better value and better results.

Evolve today’s software into next-generation experiences.

Modernization is about more than new interfaces and technology. It’s about seeing intentions and goals in a bold new light that can help you better serve customers and employees, without throwing the baby out with the bath water.
Safe Digital Infrastructure
Legacy System Modernization Helps Your Business:
leapfrog competitors
Leapfrog competitors

Taking the lead requires thinking past what everyone else is doing.

Simplify & Modernize
Simplify and modernize

Streamline operations, increase impact, and improve morale.

Prepare for the future
Prepare for the future

Getting out of reactive mode requires taking a longer-term view.

Scale efficiently
Scale efficiently

Ramping up capability will help you eliminate wasted opportunities.

Success stories

Developing a healthcare platform that put health back into the hands of the individual for AT&T.

End-user health and medical data portal with bonus mobile app
HIPAA-compliant, secure storage of Personal Medical Information (PMI)
Feature-rich API for third-party application developers

Increasing Caterpillar’s supply chain visibility through a real-time asset tracking platform.

Days to build IoT asset tracking platform
Improvement in delivery time from factory to dealer
Outbound slack removed from global supply chain

Transforming music data and building Nielsen a modern data analytics application.

Of data migrated to the cloud
Discrete systems integrated
Data update time decreased

Enhancing AT&T’s service offerings by building the world’s most potent IoT platform.

Connected pieces of hardware in first six months
Real time data 
transactions per week
Technology innovators building new IoT solutions

Transforming Yellow Pages into an Agile institution through co-development with Theorem.

Improvement in development velocity
People trained and coached
Months to deliver new yp.com user experience

Why businesses choose TheoremOne.

TheoremOne helps you define your next-generation technology goals and develop a comprehensive roadmap to reach them. We’ve partnered with dozens of major organizations to help them reimagine, redesign, and rearchitect legacy systems and platforms for today’s (and tomorrow’s) challenges.
We’re relentlessly focused on results – your results. Our small team approach optimizes for lean budgets, sustainable velocity, transparency, and expertise. We build durable relationships by helping our customers exceed their goals.

Your team.
Distributed by design.

TheoremOne was born distributed. Since 2007 our 24/7 global team has partnered with clients to solve hard problems and meet the most audacious goals.

Our remote-first orientation gives us access to the best talent from a broad range of backgrounds and cultures. It also reduces risk for you, especially in uncertain times like these.
Your Team. Distributed by design.

Trusted on mission-critical systems

Legacy System Modernization

Roadmaps to the Future

We’ll work with you to craft realistic timelines and budgets, design elegant solutions, and define a path towards incremental improvement — resting on the foundation of the technological reality in which you are operating today.

Integrated Technology Teams

TheoremOne’s polyglot, technology and strategy teams will integrate seamlessly into your existing organizations to collaboratively transform legacy systems, infrastructure, and applications into modern, end-user-centric experiences.
Staff Augmentation

Training for Tomorrow

As a core part of modernization, we also focus on enabling your next-generation of talent. We analyze your existing workforce  and design a strategy for critical process improvements that can ensure long-term successful operation and continued evolution of the post-modernization systems, platforms, and applications.
Download our guide on defining your company's digital future.

Legacy System Modernization Principles

Start from First Principles
Success starts with asking the right questions and defining the right approach. We work with you to define what success looks like—then build the right approach for achieving it.
Build on top of Existing Investments
As part of the solution design, Theorem compares your existing investments with desired outcomes to determine the right mix that maximizes gains and minimizes risks.
Pilot, Test, & Adjust
After we prioritize a modernization roadmap, we’ll leverage an iterative approach to product design and piloting that enables us to deliver real-world results sooner.
Design the Best Possible Experience
The right experience drives the right business results. We test your new platforms and processes to uncover a modern, seamless, and effective end-user experience.
Evolve and Stay Modern
Theorem will help you keep systems and processes in-line, and will also help you develop business capabilities to foster ongoing research and evolution.

We're here to help!

This is just a brief intro to TheoremOne’s Legacy System Modernization capabilities. We’d love to hear about your goals and how we can help you meet them. Contact us for a free consultation.
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