Agile Transformation

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Become self-sufficient at deploying, practicing, & maintaining agile processes.

Agility is Your Competitive Advantage

Agility is the only sustainable competitive advantage. Our goal is to make sure your teams are self-sufficient at deploying, practicing, and maintaining agile processes — all to support the rapid evolution of your organization.

An agile transformation will allow you to respond quickly to changing business needs and turn technology into a lever, not an obstacle. Your products and services will expand and grow faster and better than ever before.
What Does the Responsive Organization Look Like?
Empowered Teams
Build with confidence
Confident Investments
Highly Adaptive
Informed Decisions

Success stories

Building a Database-as-a-Service Application Layer for Couchbase.

Developed in-house competencies to create sustained differentiation
Hired a geographically distributed team to balance expertise and costs
DevOps team of badged resources to develop, maintain, and operate DBaaS

Modernizing & automating the HR systems, payroll, and onboarding experience at Cast & Crew.

Reduction in timeline for timecard approval
Of major studio market captured a year after launch
Digitized human resource platform

Designing and building the next-generation American Express customer care portal.

Months from kickoff to launch
Used daily by Professionals
Increased Value Generation

Transforming music data and building Nielsen a modern data analytics application.

Of data migrated to the cloud
Discrete systems integrated
Data update time decreased
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Why businesses choose TheoremOne.

We’re relentlessly focused on results – your results. Our small team approach optimizes for lean budgets, sustainable velocity, transparency, and expertise. We build durable relationships by helping our customers exceed their goals.
Where Can An Agile Transformation Lead Your Company? Brady Brim-DeForest, CEO at TheoremOne, speaks on this in his article for the Forbes Technology Council.

How Does Agile Transformation Work?

Our process provides you with the building blocks that improve business agility. Theorem focuses on five key dimensions to successful transformation: people, process, structure, strategy & technology. 

No two transformations are alike. Although the mechanics can be implemented in a matter of weeks, lasting success requires broader change and adoption. 

The pace is impacted by factors such as competing business priorities, willingness to disrupt the status quo and existing process constraints. The most impactful transformations occur when leadership is fully committed to the process, and teams are empowered to be part of the change.
Your stakeholders will work closely with a dedicated team of business, technology and design experts who live and breathe Agile.
Your team will learn Agile by doing it — gaining knowledge through incremental changes built one atop another in a well-defined roadmap.
Hands-on, practical, rapid – each project within your transformation will be built for rapid, measurable results.
Agile Transformation requires a shift in thinking and practices, which you’ll achieve through the completion of tangible goals.
As you become more Agile, your tools must support your business goals – we’ll work with you to make sure the two are aligned.

Transformation Roadmap

Change is hard. We think of incremental change as small experiments that produce measurable results. This enables us to be open to calculated risks and avoid looking at results as black and white.

Understand & Align

  • Align leadership on the needs and priorities of the organization

  • Collaborate with organizational leaders to design the vision for change

  • Understand current organizational pain points and process models

  • Define project milestones and success criteria

Socialize & Empower

  • Socialize the vision with team members

  • Work collaboratively with the team to define process, organizational improvements to the ways of working

  • Support teams by helping to remove or overcome perceived obstacles to change

  • Plan and prioritize pilot programs to test ways of working

Pilot, Learn & Iterate

  • Run pilot programs with specific goals and success measures, with the support of leadership

  • Review feedback and results from the pilot to synthesize learnings

  • Use learnings to iterate and improve the pilot program

  • Leadership continues to pair with, train and coach teams on an agile mindset

Codify & Scale

  • Develop a playbook that can be used to scale change

  • Codify learnings and new methods in the playbook

  • Rollout new ways of working, incrementally, to new groups

  • Continue to adjust the framework as necessary

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