Sustainability & ESG

The world is changing, and these changes create challenges that stand in the way of business goals & aspirations.

ESG reporting is business-critical today

Management teams are looking beyond financial growth and embracing the growing importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics that impact corporate value and reputation over the long term.  

Additionally, the need to disclose ESG performance is accelerating — enabling financial institutions and insurers to evaluate companies’ ESG performance — pushing investment towards sustainability-focused companies.

The right technology strategy and execution will be vital to meeting the ESG demands on your business.
Solar panels in a row in a field helping promote a sustainable energy source
Diagram of ESG metrics and the process of connecting and communicating with stakeholders

Rising to the challenge

Improving your ESG metrics will require a symphony of your current technology platforms, new technology platforms, new data sources, and new ways of working. Once you've set this up, you'll be able to see the actual changes you need to make to your business.

This is a complex task — for example, you may need to connect your  ERP and HCM system and warehouse management system, bring in new data sources like IoT sensors and drone & satellite images, and change how a siloed organization communicates and collaborates.

We have been helping companies successfully navigate this range of challenges since 2007.

A critical step:
high resolution, accurate data

Meeting your ESG goals is going to require new data sets, from IoT sensors to up-to-date drone and satellite images.

TheoremOne has deep partnerships to get you the data you need, and the expertise to build it into your workflows.
Satellite imagery side by side to show progress of growth over time.
Ariel imagery — from our drones and satellites partners — can be used to clearly measure your impact and to monitor your supply chain.
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Brilliant people.
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Custom tech.

We're an innovation partner for those that value experience. We deploy expert practitioners in tailored squads to help you realize big ideas, rescue failing projects, or modernize old ways of working with next-gen technology.
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Sustainability & ESG Services


Current State Environmental Impact Analysis

Organizations are facing increased demands for information about their sustainability/ESG performance and risk. Most are taking measures to reduce their carbon footprint and build sustainable operations into the future. TheoremOne helps organizations collect their qualitative and quantitative environmental [ESG-related] data across all locations and facilities, providing bespoke solutions that adhere to standardized industry framework questionnaires such as GRI, SASB and TCFD. Business leaders and managers can easily track and analyze trends to identify corporate ESG conditions and status, to better inform stakeholders, business strategy, and implement corrective actions.


Risk Forecasting and Management

Organizations are more exposed to increasing risks. Being able to identify and manage risks is critical to the ongoing vitality of corporate business performance. By identifying business impediments and at risk assets, business leaders have better control and can make more informed decisions to mitigate ESG-related risks. With limited ESG visibility across corporate systems, organizations are unable to monitor their ESG performance at the speed of business and make the necessary adjustments to ensure targets and measures are on the right trajectory. Organizations that limit themselves to an incomplete understanding of their ESG metrics trends will have a narrow view of corporate activities, prohibiting business predictability and exposure to unforeseen risks and costs.


Scenario Analysis, Future-Proofing Materiality

The purpose of scenario analysis is to better understand how a business might perform under different future conditions. TheoremOne helps organizations to collect key data to run scenario analyses to forecast performance against material risks and inform your strategic thinking by evaluating business options for strategy formulation. TheoremOne provides bespoke solutions to run scenario analyses creating future projections that forecast business performance against ESG metrics.


Sustainability Action Planning

Initiate sustainability action plans based on environmental [ESG] findings and metrics. Set tasks assigned corporately by location or facility to implement remedial changes to improve environmental [ESG] conditions.


ESG Partnership Planning

TheoremOne partner with industry leading sustainability subject matter experts to provide more complete management of your sustainability and ESG requirements.


Regulation and Compliance

Organizations need to adhere to hundreds of regulatory frameworks in order to stay compliant and retain a licence to operate; each with its own unique regulatory obligations to manage. TheoremOne develops bespoke tools to better manage regulatory compliance needs. We can incorporate reporting questionnaires such as the GRI, SASB, and TCFD with your existing regulatory compliance reporting framework and integrate regulatory compliance content to optimize your compliance management.


Reporting & ESG Disclosure

With the climate change agenda gaining pace, greater demands are put on organizations to make the necessary changes and improvements to how they impact the environment, society, and business. Organizations have a role to play in ensuring all of these interdependencies are in good shape. Corporate dashboards are nothing new, but few companies are able to easily track their environmental and social performance in real-time. ESG disclosure and the standards of reporting are now critical for all stakeholders. Financial institutions, insurers, and investors in particular, all want accurate ESG-related information to make informed decisions and mitigate their risks. Organizations should be equipped with this capability regardless, if it wants to make the necessary contribution and impacts to tackling climate change. TheoremOne helps organization deal with this challenge, helping them to not only realize its vital ESG position, but also leverage information assets to create new business opportunities and revenue streams.


Corporate System of Insight & Engagement

With climate change and ESG related topics growing in importance, the need for a corporate ‘System of Insight & Engagement’ is becoming increasingly necessary. Organizations have deployed systems such as GRC, EHS and HCM that provide elements of ESG related data, however, most operate in silos with limited integration, making the information incomplete, difficult to manage, and time consuming. In many cases, these systems were purchased to solve specific problems resulting in an array of expensive to run disparate systems often with “trapped and hidden” value. TheoremOne develops corporate Systems of Insight & Engagement platforms by integrating these systems together. We build new or integrate existing systems to provide more complete updates of the organization’s corporate ESG position, and expose other information assets to open up new opportunities and value.  


Supply chain & climate Risk Assessment

Managing and measuring ESG risk in your supply chain is key to maintaining your brand and products integrity, and corporate reputation. It is vital for your supply chain to operate within the similar ethical requirements and values as implemented by your own organization. We provide bespoke solutions to help assess and maintain the integrity of your suppliers’ ESG performance.


Sustainability Report Publisher

Raise your brand image and save time, money, and effort by designing and publishing sustainability and CSR reports. Use drag and drop tools to create corporate branded reports with interactive content, charts, and videos etc. Incorporate reporting templates from GRI, SASB, CDP etc. and publish reports online for stakeholders to view up to date ESG reports.

We're here to help!

This is just a brief intro to TheoremOne’s Sustainability & ESG capabilities. We’d love to hear about your goals and how we can help you meet them. Contact us for a free consultation.
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