Proof of Concept & Rapid Prototyping

High-Growth Startups

Get assumptions out of your head and into the hands of users.

There’s no substitute for obtaining direct feedback from the people who will use your product.

Validate high-level assumptions with a proof of concept, then drill down into details with a prototype. Build buy-in, make changes faster and with less cost. Move forward with confidence.
Proof of Concept & Rapid Prototyping
Proof of Concept & Rapid Prototyping Helps Your Business:
Define the opportunity
Define the opportunity

Creating tangible goals is the first step to achieving them.

Unlock Budget
Unlock budget

Before you can build, you must convince budget holders to invest.

Catalyze Change
Catalyze change

Business that can't change are overtaken by more nimble competition.

Inspire Decision Makers
Inspire decision makers

Don't just talk about your vision - demonstrate it to key decision makers.

Success stories

Transforming music data and building Nielsen a modern data analytics application.

Of data migrated to the cloud
Discrete systems integrated
Data update time decreased

Designing and building the next-generation American Express customer care portal.

Months from kickoff to launch
Used daily by Professionals
Increased Value Generation

Helping AT&T get small business customers and their devices connected to the Internet.

Net new business pipeline in the first 12 months
Built upon enterprise-
grade network
Purchase and manage IoT Data software 24/7

Designing Maersk a real-time tracking application to reveal crucial operational insights.

Containers successfully tracked in the first week
Cycle for new information to appear in the Asset Tracking app
Container tracking accuracy within 3 meters of location

Why businesses choose TheoremOne.

Proof of Concept & Rapid Prototyping helps you validate ideas before committing development resources. But it’s only useful if you get tangible outcomes.
We’re relentlessly focused on results – your results. Our small team approach optimizes for lean budgets, sustainable velocity, transparency, and expertise. We build durable relationships by helping our customers exceed their goals.

Your Team.
Distributed by design.

TheoremOne was born distributed. Since 2007 our 24/7 global team has partnered with clients to solve hard problems and meet the most audacious goals.

Our remote-first orientation gives us access to the best talent from a broad range of backgrounds and cultures. It also reduces risk for you, especially in uncertain times like these.
Your Team. Distributed by design.
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Their team makes it look easy. Whip-smart. Hyper-efficient. Highly-collaborative. And that was our impression of them before they had even written any code...

David Brody
David Brody
Managing Partner, North Venture Partners

Solving your most complex business problems.

Lack of team alignment
Lack of team alignment
Vague product vision
Vague product vision
Slow product design
Slow product design
Poor user feedback
Poor user feedback
Poor collaboration
Poor collaboration
Not enticing investors
Not enticing investors

Timeline & Investment

Projects of this type come in all shapes and sizes, however, we find most of them require a similar range of investment.
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Outputs & Activities You Can Expect

Every client and project is unique, so we use a tailored range of activities to help you meet your goals.
Rapid Prototyping
Rapidly-developed tools that simulate the future state of an application.
Rapid prototyping helps teams iteratively test designs before they are committed to code.
Usability Testing
The process of methodically observing users attempt to perform tasks with a product.
Watching users using your product is an effective way to find problems that may be hard for your team to catch.
User Interviews
A structured means of gathering feedback from users.
Knowing how users perceive your product reduces ambiguity and clarifies your planning process.
Producing schematics that describe the structure of a product.
Wireframes enable product teams to flexibly and rapidly refine application details before finalizing visual design.
Sales Demo / Prototype
An interactive prototype that showcases a product's value.
An interactive demo is one of the most effective means of demonstrating value and obtaining customer buy-in.
Journey Mapping
A representation of how customers experience your product.
Journey mapping gives you insight into which customer touch points need the most improvement.
Strategic Approach
A high-level plan that defines what you're making and why.
An effective strategy provides clear paths to your company's goals, empowering distributed decision-making.
Task Flows
A visualization of how a user performs a specific task in an application.
Defining task flow increases development efficiency by keeping design and engineering in sync.
Visual Design
Practices that improve a product's appeal and usability through visual elements.
Good visual design delights users by combining predictable user experience with engaging brand attributes.
Stakeholder workshops
A collaboration that surfaces the challenges and opportunities for a an initiative.
An effective stakeholder workshop aligns stakeholders around the problem and the product solution.

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