Going Agile

A Practical Test for Your Organization

Agile Values

Experts and devotees profess certain key values to characterize the culture and approach of agile development.
A leader- user with crown.
Individuals and interactions
over process and tools.
User with upward arrow chart.
Customer collaboration
over contract negotiation.
A launch rocket.
Working software over comprehensive documentation.
Lightbulb Icon
Responding to change
over following a plan.

Agile Red Flags

Starting out on an Agile project with little confidence, only a general knowledge and a ‘succeed first or scrap it’ mentality from the business can lead teams directly into common pitfalls.
Number One

The software dev team isn't talking to and observing end-users of the software in action.

Number Two

Continuous feedback from users to the development team is not available.

Number Three

Meeting all requirements is more important than responding to end-user feedback in real-time.

Number Four

Stakeholders are acting more-or-less autonomously without collaboration.

Number Five

End users of the software are missing in action throughout development.

Number Six

DevSecOps culture is lacking if manual processes are tolerated and not automated.

Agile Tools & Process

Tools for Version Control, including Git, Azure DevOps, and Subversion

Version Control

Version control system for tracking changes to source code. Git is the de facto open source standard for modern software development.


These are the most common repository hosting sites. They also provide issue tracking, continuous integration apps and other productivity tools. Widely used by the open source community.
Tools for Repositories, including GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket
Tools for Continuous Integration, including Heroku, Travis CI, and Jenkins

Continuous Integration

Continuous integration services used to build software projects. As stated before, they are closely integrated to code repositories and run tests the moment new code is committed.


Virtualization lowers development environment setup time, increases production parity, and makes the "works on my machine" excuse a relic of the past.
Tools for Virtualization, including Vagrant, Docker, and Kubernetes
Tools for Visual Regression Testing, including Percy and VisWiz

Visual Regression Testing

Visual regression tests aim to quickly identify differences in how an application looks.Tests are run automatically after every change in the codebase and can spot pixel differences across the different views.


Design process is managed in a collaborative environment that the entire team has access to.
Wireflows, wireframes, and prototypes are used to document user-consumable requirements.
Tools for Design, including Figma, Adobe Xd, and Indesign
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