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What makes TheoremOne's approach unique?

TheoremOne brings vast hands-on expertise to companies looking for a better way to concept, design, build, and launch best-in-class products. We craft customized programs to address the goals of each client — introducing practical methods that drive cultural change in as little as one week.

We combine both academic and hands-on knowledge from our years of experience as design thinking practitioners. Our tangible framework for innovation helps transform the way businesses think about and solve problems from the inside-out.
Design Thinking
Design Thinking

What is a Design Thinking workshop?

A design thinking workshop involves a cross-disciplinary group of practitioners gathered for a fixed period of time — often a week or two with no distractions — to discover the core of user problems through extreme empathy and first principles reasoning. This exercise leads to novel solutions that directly address customer needs, which translates to new opportunities for business growth.

Success stories

Building SundaySky an engaging experience for viewing SmartVideo content and insights.

Easy integration with the Personalized Video Marketing Cloud
Access to important engagement metrics for user accounts
Unique scene libraries 
and preview data

Transforming music data and building Nielsen a modern data analytics application.

Of data migrated to the cloud
Discrete systems integrated
Data update time decreased

Designing and building the next-generation American Express customer care portal.

Months from kickoff to launch
Used daily by Professionals
Increased Value Generation
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This is just a brief intro to TheoremOne’s Design Thinking capabilities. We’d love to hear about your goals and how we can help you meet them. Contact us for a free consultation.
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